1. Let’s talk about your online reputation. Assume your boss, clients, kids, and parents are reading these Tweets.

    — jowyang

  2. Tweetie, Twitter, sponsored tweets, Resonance and the ecosystem

    The last few days have been really really intense for the Twitter ecosystem. Companies like Seesmic, bit.ly or hootsuite have been really sick because of the little (r)evolution that happened over the week-end. Take a seat, grab a coffee, it might take a while but hopefully you will enjoy it.

    I had a “great fun” following it LIVE, ladies & gentlemen, on Techcrunch under the guidance of Mr Arrington & co (I will come back to that at the end).

    It all started a long long time ago…

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  3. Iphone application: a poor joke by Omni Hotels

    While going through the appstore of my Iphone and the recommended apps, I came through the application of @OMNIHOTELS. I m a big lover of quality hotels and I decided to give it a try.

    What a deception! I expected an application, I just got the frame of an application with the embed version of a normal mobile website (Of quality I must precise. Nothing fancy, a certain lack of pictures but it does the job way better than most of other Online Travel Agencies).

    The only trick was a customized home page that wants to make you feel like

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  4. How to (not) set-up an Iphone / mobile application strategy

    Small Luxury Hotels of the world (or SLH if you prefer) just sent an email to all its customers announcing the launch of their brand new Iphone application.

    While the Iphone is currently the best platform for promoting your brand, a major mistake was made regarding the application development and its features:

    As stated in their Press Release newsletter, their new application integrates a layar-like feature in order to check surroundings attractions using the augmented-reality function of the Iphone 3GS.

    And that’s were the problem stands, 3GS.

    Every single company should have a clear objective at the time of the Business Definition for this kind of project.

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  5. being part of the #twitter ecosystem like @seesmic = riding a bull & trying 2 hold on until the end - I think @loic would agree with that

  6. An analysis of the actual mobile telecommunication industry and upcoming changes

    Is the exact same thing happening to the mobile telecommunication industry than to the music and movie industry?

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  7. Who’s managing social media in your hotel?

    Dear hoteliers,  

    You’re spending hours trying to make your hotel profitable, get customers in your bedrooms, manage inventories, solve problems, answer travelers needs / dreams / habits / complains… And now, those tripadvisor, twitter, facebook, flickr, blogs, youtube, foursquare… are making your days endless. You probably heard about companies proposing to manage your social media channels or to take care of your reputation.

    However, you should strongly think about managing social media on your own.

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